Adresse: Bjärnhultsvägen 203, 298 94 Linderöd (Vis kort)
Område: Kristianstad med Åhus (Omkring skov/Ved skov)

Hotel | Ecotourism, a different accommodation close to nature in the middle of a beautiful forest on Linderödsåsens.
Retreat for body & soul, silence and seclusion. Your hotel room is a knot timbered cottage incl. breakfast. Here you get both hotel and chalet in one

Today is quiet, calm and natural light is a rarity. Here at Bokebacken we offer just that, a retreat for body and soul. Long walks in beautiful unspoilt nature, here you will find no trails, possibly small forest roads and animal trails.

Here you are staying amongst trees, mosses and pastures, when you walk in silence, you can meet both deer and elk.

Your room is a wonderful little knot timbered cottage with a wood stove, gas stove and candles, located in a very beautiful beech forest.

You can choose from 3 different room placements, Bokebacken located right on a Bokebacke, glade located in a small park-like setting that is very picnic-friendly and Utkanten this is the best chance to see all the forest animals. In the outlying pastures, it is primarily self-catering alternative meals in the farmhouse (at a supplement).

The need to reach their innermost thoughts is strong for most of us in today's interactive world.
Silence and solitude that creates peace and closeness to yourself. Feel the healing power of nature.
Just like in other hotels, this includes sheets, towels, organic soap and detergent and cleaning.

In the morning, we carry out your breakfast for you, which we place in your pantry box outside the house, so you can eat when you want.
We carry out dinner or ingredients for dinner, if you ordered it, so you can enjoy the tranquility.
In the mood for an extra luxurious evening you can order the 3-course dinner to be eaten in the farmhouse or a simple dish of the day that you sometimes eat with us and sometimes himself. Depends on how the work on the farm looks like.

Your room has a personal toilet, shower in the open air and a barbecue under the canopy.
On the farm there are indoor shower, whirlpool tub and the opportunity to get help with washing and ironing.

Who are we?
Håkan and I took over the family farm on Linderödsåsens top, for me coming from Malmö is paradise on earth. That after an active and stressful day at work, come home to this beautiful environment and feel nature's healing forces was a new and wonderful experience. This we would like to share with you and give more people the opportunity to achieve inner peace and harmony and feel nature's healing power.

On our farm from 1769 (probably 1600s), we run active forestry and there are cows, calves, dogs and cats. You can borrow bicycles for a trip to Bosarpasjön where you can get a refreshing bath.

Guided tour, picnicbasket, lunch, coffee break or some activity, say to so we can usually fix it for you.

Welcome to our paradise
Marie and Håkan Persson

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