Ahlberga Farm B&B

Adresse: Lillaforsvägen 236, 29794 Degeberga (Vis kort)
Område: Kristianstad med Åhus

GPS coordinates

Coordinates to device
Latitude: 55,83279
Longitude: 14,05693
Latitude: 55° 49' 58"
Longitude: 14° 3' 25"

Vejvisning til Ahlberga Farm B&B

From route 19 in northern Degeberga turn towards Huaröd (west), drive through a few turns and then left towards Huaröd again. Now you are on the road called Lillaforsvägen. Drive about 2 km up towards Linderödsåsen. Ahlberga Farm is on the right side with wooden fence to the road (paddocks) and a driveway lined with large trees.