Åhus, STF Hostel

Adresse: Stavgatan 3, 29637 Åhus (Vis kort)
Område: Kristianstad med Åhus

Vandrerhjem | Once upon a time Åhus was most famous for its three sins: eels, tobacco and schnapps.

Today the seaside village is more known for its delicious ice cream, and is a quiet oasis on the east coast of Skåne: a place where visitors can enjoy the sun and swimming on mile-long sandy beaches.

Åhus is an idyllic place of half timbered houses and narrow winding streets. It also has one of the country’s most charming squares, dating back to medieval times. The hostel is situated between the harbour promenade and the centre, in the ‘cigar king’s’ old residence, a reminder of when the tobacco industry was still big in Sweden. Guests have access to a kitchen and dining room and several accommodation options.

Åhus offers golf and fishing as well as guided tours of Kristianstad Vattenrike, a biosphere reserve in Kristianstad’s wetlands. If you wish to experience an authentic eel guild, visit Bäckaskog slott (castle), which was originally a monastery and built by monks in the middle of the 13th century.