Åhus Gästgifvaregård

Address: Gamla Skeppsbron1, 296 31 Åhus (show map)
Location: Kristianstad & Åhus

GPS coordinates

Coordinates to device
Latitude: 55.921724
Longitude: 14.295058
Latitude: 55° 55' 18"
Longitude: 14° 17' 42"

Directions to Åhus Gästgifvaregård

If you travel on the E22.
Take road 118 towards Åhus.

Arriving in Åhus:

Straight ahead in the first roundabout.
Take a left in the second roundabout. To the road Köpmannagtan.
Take a right turn when you see the sign for Åhus Gästgivaregård.
We are located to the far right corner, down in the harbor.