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Kristianstad & Åhus (Close to the sea)
Kungagårdsvägen 86, 290 34 Fjälkinge  Map
Apartments/Private rooms | Find peace and tranquillity at our family farm from 1848. Fish or swim in Lake Ivösjön or look for fossils in the eerie caves. Cycles and fishing permits included in the price.
Ivö Kungsgård

Kristianstad & Åhus (Coastal)
Åvägen 62 A, 296 38 Åhus  Map
Apartments/Private rooms | Brand new apartment located at Mölleholmen in Äspet. 50m2 + 20m2 loft. Rowing boat, great fishing 100 m to the water.
Room - Äspet (Marie Hellberg)

Kristianstad & Åhus
Urnvägen 1, 297 72 Everöd  Map
Apartments/Private rooms | Welcome to stay with us with your dog!
Pets allowed
Room - Everöd (Eva Falkmar)

Kristianstad & Åhus (City)
Teatergatan 6, 3 tr, 291 34 Kristianstad  Map
Apartments/Private rooms | Private room in the centre of Kristianstad. Non smoking. 2 rooms with singlebeds.
Missing image

Kristianstad & Åhus
Järnåldersvägen 24, 291 65 Kristianstad  Map
Apartments/Private rooms | Room for 2 people, in the basement with separate entrance. Access to garden with pool. Near bus stop. Private parking available.
Room - Kristianstad (Monica Olsson)

Kristianstad & Åhus (Coastal)
Furubodavägen 93, 29692 Yngsjö  Map
Apartments/Private rooms | An charming old "farm" in Nyehusen, one km south of Yngsjö village. I offer B&B or room with self-catering.
Room - Nyehusen (Iréne Walton)