Balsberget and Balsberg Cave

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Enjoy a relaxing walk in beautiful countryside. The wonderful panoramic view from the top of Balsberget will inspire you.

Walk through unspoilt, magnificent countryside. Balsberget is a primary rock formation situated in the beautiful countryside around Lake Råbelövssjön, about 10 km north of Kristianstad. From the top, 93.7 metres above sea level, visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding area. Two jogging tracks, 5 km and. 2.5 km long, start at the parking area to the west of the hill.

Balsberg Cave is one of the best places in Sweden for finding fossils, and has three large chambers with connecting passages in between. Bats come to hibernate in the cave, which is part of the newly-formed Balsberg Nature Reserve and one of the largest caves in southern Sweden. The cave is open beteen 16th of April to 14th of October. You can borrow a key at Råbelöfs Godsförvaltning AB. Call weekdays 8am to 4 pm +46 44 754 40.

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