Forsakar waterfall

Address: Forsakar, 297 94 Degeberga Show map

Address: Forsakar, 297 94 Degeberga

Forsakar nature reserve is ideal for relaxing walks with its fabulous hills, streams, ravines and steep rocky slopes. Enjoy a great view of the waterfalls on the viewing platform.

The Forsakar stream meanders through hilly landscape and over a 40 meter-high canyon. The stream forms several falls, including the highest measuring nine meters.
The area has a rich wildlife.

Forsakarsbadet is a heated outdoor 50-meter pool in a protected and beautiful location next to the reserve. The pool is open during the summer.

Traverse the marked trails to Forsaka’s upper falls, part of Kristianstads Vattenrike, from the car park at Forsakarsgården (see link).

Because of the risk of falling trees and branches visitors are discouraged from using the path that goes through the bottom of the ravine (the trail is not maintained). Many of the trees in the gorge slopes are affected by rot fungus so they can fall or be broken off without warning.

Because of its roots and steep terrain, the path to the upper falls is not recommended for people in wheelchairs. People have made the top with prams and pushchairs.

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