Farm shop Degeberga (Degeberga Slakteriprodukter)

Address: Kung Borres väg 41, 297 94 Degeberga Show map

Address: Kung Borres väg 41, 297 94 Degeberga

Swedish meat direct from producer to consumer. Our meat and meat products come from our own stables. Here you can follow high quality meat from stable to plate.

The animals are free from stress and slaughtered in tranquil surroundings in our own slaughterhouse, which is just a 10-meter walk, rather than being crushed in animal transport.

We sell pork, beef, veal and lamb in whole, half and quarters, after ordering they are cut and ready for the pot.

We have a large range of custom-made cured meats such as lunch sausage, frankfurters, smoked sausage, liver sausage, cold and hot smoked sausages and sliced cold cuts of meat. We also sell eggs and vegetables.

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