Kristianstad Shopping City

Address: 291 31 Kristianstad Show map

Address: 291 31 Kristianstad

There are about 250 shops and businesses offering something for everyone at Kristianstad Shopping City, from small shops to large retail chains.

Shop at branded stores you would usually only find in major cities.

Kristianstad has a beautiful and authentic city centre. Stores are close to each other and linked by pedestrian streets. There is a newly-built shopping mall in the centre. The first phase was opened in autumn 2013, and part two opened in March 2015.

Kristianstad was designated City Centre of the Year in 2014 by the Swedish City Centres organization. The prize is awarded to the city that has the best renewed centre thanks to cooperation between private and public actors.

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    Recommended opening hours Monday-Friday. 10-18, Saturday. 10-16 and Sunday noon. 12-16. Deviating times may occur. Retailing outlets have different opening hours.