Åhus - a medieval town

Address: Torget 15, 296 31 Åhus Show map

Address: Torget 15, 296 31 Åhus

Åhus is one of the best preserved medieval towns in all of Sweden. Even today, among the cobbled streets in the heart of the Old Town there is much to remind visitors of the time when Åhus was part of Denmark.

The medieval Town Hall on the main square, just a stone’s throw from the beautiful church of St Mary (Mariakyrkan), now houses Åhus Museum and the tourist office.

Boats and restaurants crowd the waterfront along the busy harbour promenade. Close by are the ruins of the old castle, Aosehus.

Åhus was long known as a “source of three Swedish sins” – snuff, schnapps and a surfeit of eels. The centuries-old tradition of eel fishing is still very much alive along the coast here and in the old eel huts. For many years the area was also famous for its tobacco fields and the manufacture of the “Åhus Havana” cigar. In the late 1800s there was hardly a single family in Åhus that didn’t have its own miniature tobacco plantation. The last tobacco in Åhus and Yngsjö was harvested in the autumn of 1964.

Schnapps, on the other hand, is still produced in Åhus! Although the Absolut Company is now owned by French interests, the Absolut vodka for which it is famous continues to be produced in Åhus. During the summer months visitors can find out all about the history of this worldwide success in the Absolut Showroom in the centre of Åhus.

Explore Åhus at your own pace with the Visitor’s Guide (see link)

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